Green Jacket Brigade

 Borneo 1965

THE AMBUSH by Terence Cuneo

Depicting the Sunger Sekayan action by 2nd Green Jackets (KRRC) in Borneo August 1965, as a result of this ambush Lt Robertson was awarded the M.C.

In 1958, in the most fundamental peacetime reorganisation of the Army since 1881, which involved the forced and sometimes unhappy amalgamation of many Regiments, The Green Jackets Brigade was formed, to comprise:

 1st Green Jackets
(43rd and 52nd)
 2nd Green Jackets
(The King's Royal Rifle Corps)
 3rd Green Jackets
(The Rifle Brigade)

Thus for the first time these three regiments, sharing so much common history and tradition, became formally linked and based themselves at the Green Jackets Depot at Winchester. In the next eight years each of the three battalions was engaged in the confrontation with Indonesia in Borneo, the 1st being part of the force rushed to Brunei from Malaya on the outbreak of armed rebellion in 1962. By the time peace returned in 1966 the whole Brigade had perfected the techniques of jungle warfare. Meanwhile, Green Jackets had also been performing peace-keeping operations in British Guiana and Cyprus as well as taking their turn in the British Army of the Rhine and in Berlin.

In 1966 The Green Jackets Brigade was disbanded and a new large Infantry Regiment, was formed, with the 3 Bns dropping their old titles and becoming 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bns The Royal Green Jackets.